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Requirements Engineering WS 2017/18

Vorlesung 89-3155: Requirements Engineering

Dr. Jörg Dörr
Phone: +49 (631) 6800 1601

Current Information

The next exercise will be on January 31st. It will be the exercise for Information Systems RE: To-Be Process Modelling and Use Cases (as continuation of the As-Is Process Modelling exercise). All students that were not present in the exercise on January 16th and want to take this exercise should come to this 31st of January exercise.

Exam Information:

The first exam takes place on 16.03.18 time 13.00-16.00 (temporary) in room 42-115. The second exam takes place on 27.04.18 time 8.30-11.00 (temporary) in room Mensa 1.


Lectures: Friday, room 46-260, 13:45 - 15:15

Attention: Dates for exercises will be announced in the lecture and on this website. Please keep in mind that we will have irregular exercises (i.e., not every week!!). The slots where exercises are held are -Tuesdays 8.15-9.45 and -Wednesday 10.00-11.30. The students are assigned to the two groups based on the following two lists: Tuesday Group and Wednesday Group

If you are not on the list, but plan to attend to an exercise regularly, please send an email to naming the exercise days that you can attend (i.e. the previously mentioned Tuesday and/or Wednesday slot).

Probable exercise dates and place (subject to change, please check regularly):

Tuesday Group: 12.12.2017, 19.12.2017, 09.01.2018, 16.01.2018, 06.02.2018

Wednesday Group: 06.12.2017, 20.12.2017, 10.01.2018, 17.01.2018, 31.01.2018, 07.02.2018

The exercises will take place at Fraunhofer IESE: How to Reach IESE Please come to the reception desk.

Supplementary Material

1 Exercise 1 RE-Game presented Link
2 Exercise 2 incl. TakeAways Link
3 Exercise 3 Restaurant Exercise Link
4 Exercise 3 Information Systems RE - Business Process Modeling Part1 Link
5 Exercise 4 Information Systems RE - Business Process Modeling Part2 Link
Lecture Slides
Chapter Titel Link
0 Motivation & Overview Link
1 Introduction Link
2 Requirements Specifications and Standards Link
3 Natural Language Specification Link
4 Requirements Elicitation Link
5 Requirements Elicitation continued Link
6 Conceptual Modeling Link
7 Requirements Validation and Negotiation Link
8 Requirements Validation and Negotiation Link
9 Requirements Management Link
10 Information Systems RE Link
11 Information Systems RE - Business Process and Data Analysis Link
12 Information Systems RE (Use Cases) Link
13 Embedded Systems RE (Basics) Link
14 RE for Embedded Systems - Exercise on SBS Link
15 RE for Embedded Systems - Part 2 Link
16 SBS_Example Link
17 SCR_Example Link
18 RE in Practice Link
19 With Crowd-RE to better Requirements Link
20 Literature Link

Further Information

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jörg Dörr.

General Literature and Links

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